I want to bring it to you

Who said a picture cannot be round?

Meet Mars


And in your childhood, you asked the question: Why is Mars red? The red spots on the planet are covered with the finest dust that settles out of the air. The color of dust gives rust - it contains a lot of rusted particles of iron. Dark places on the planet are covered with fresh volcanic sand, which is also red - but not as bright as in dusty areas. Bright places on Mars appear in winter - then fog and hoarfrost surround the surface. But the polar caps of the planet, consisting of eternal ice, always remain white ....


Turquoise - the color of increased harmony and poise. It helps to control your emotions, improves attention and helps to concentrate on something, promotes clarity of thoughts. And this condition contributes to the adoption of the right decisions. Turquoise promotes the development of not only analytical, but also creative abilities. For example, in the study, a turquoise picture will contribute to the emergence of interesting ideas.

I will be glad to add style to your interior!


The FEATHER symbolizes the truth





open space

flight to other areas of the world,


element of wind and air


A feather and birds drawn together are a sign that a person dreams of mental freedom.

Many cultures associate feathers with dreams.

It is light and small, so it moves freely where the wind blows.

It was believed that if you dreamed of a white feather, then it marked a new spiritual period in your life.


MULTI-FILLED PAINTING for me is when it is in all senses MULTI-FILLED in both form and meaning. Do not be afraid of PINK in your interiors, friends, this is not the color of Barbie, these are just stereotypes in your head.


Even more, I get pleasure only from communicating with MULTI-Faced PEOPLE




Pink is tenderness and affection, it is care and comfort, it is a sweet bliss and home comfort.

Light shades of this tone soothe and balance, and bright accents inspire optimism and set up a positive attitude.


Therefore, let your life be surrounded by a veil of a gentle smoky pink color, so that love always lives in your heart!


Do you like ornaments? The origin of the ornament goes back centuries. An ancient man endowed with certain signs his ideas about the structure of the world. For example, a circle is the sun, a square is the earth, a triangle is mountains, a swastika is the movement of the sun, a spiral is development, movement, etc.


It is possible to give movement and set dynamics to your interior with the help of paintings.


У каждой картины своя судьба

Дорогие мои, Наталья и Павел ,когда вы пригласили на вашу свадьбу, то я сразу поняла, какой хочу сделать для вас подарок, это точно будет картина, написанная для ВАС ДВОИХ) 

Небесный цвет, цвет агата- чистота духа и тепла ваших отношений. Она принесет вам удачу в семейной жизни, поддержит вашу любовь.

Подарит наслаждение и вдохновение на долгие годы!  Защитит от суеты.

Есть выражение : свадьба прочная ,как агат ,и через 14 лет ждем приглашение на агатовую свадьбу. Будьте Счастливы!!! Поздравляем!


Only mountains can be better than mountains

I totally agree. .................................................. ..............

Very Japanese work has turned out, then Japanese Hokku verses (traditional Japanese verses in the form of a three-poem, originally consisting of 17 syllables in one column of the igorlifs) will be in the subject:


Shrouded in twilight

Tea blooms on the spurs of mountains

The moonlit night is coming ... ...



или возможности холодного металла


Многогранные оттенки меди способны задавать определённое настроение выбранному интерьеру. Например, желтовато-охристый отлив создаёт ощущение тепла и уюта, а красноватые тона пробуждают чувства и придают сил. Металлические предметы добавляют роскоши любому интерьеру, но в отличие от холодного серебра и яркого золота, медь привносит в дом атмосферу тепла .

Картины с использованием медной потали будут отлично отражать солнечные лучи и наполнят помещение мягким светом. А, значит, и ваш интерьер , и настроение засветятся лучами тепла. Чего я и добиваюсь в своих работах. 

А вы бы хотели видеть теплые картины дома или в офисе???А может в кафе, попивая очередную чашечку кофе? 

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